Sustainable Technology

    The remarkably broad-based technological revolution now underway is made possible by information technology. Information technology has the potential to alter how and where people work and live, and thus the nature of urban areas of the future. It is changing the way that enterprises are managed. It is improving the efficiency of air-, land-, and water-based transportation systems, among other sectors of the economy.

    Networks of fiber optic cables and systems of Earth-orbiting satellites are extending our ability to survey and protect the environment. These technologies permit real-time monitoring of environmental conditions. From automobiles to nuclear power plants, from chemical processing to mineral extraction, information technologies allow precise control of industrial processes, which improves our ability to minimize pollution and improve energy efficiency.


    This unit is responsible in looking and foreseeing the development and opportunity in the technology and applied technology for sustainable development studies and research. There are a few research themes that falls under this unit:

    Geospatial for a Sustainable Planet

    Geospatial technologies play a key role in our everyday lives. Geospatial technologies are now an integral part of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector that fuels today’s digital economy. This unit will seek for the potential of using earth observations and geospatial information as fundamental inputs for achieving the SDGs. Data from space borne remote sensors is used to guide efforts to minimize the damage that anthropogenic activities have on the environment. This is of great help as we seek to build smarter, more sustainable planets.


    Technological Innovation in shaping Sustainability

    Taking a fresh look at where sustainability is headed globally and infused with the technological aspects. The relationship between technology and development has always been a constant, and technology is no different when it comes to driving sustainable development. Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and blockchain are among the most “hyped-up” of the bunch. Other powerful technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, and energy storage are already at the forefront, making the world more sustainable by the minute.

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